Like many good ideas, Qtoria is the product of coffee and brainstorms.

Qtoria was originally conceived at WEAL Innovations Lab as a solution for smoother communication in the unbelievably frustrating coffee supply chain. Co-founders Jaime van Schyndel and Lu Valena spent months brainstorming with WEAL founder Jerry Fain (who also named Qtoria!), but kept tripping over a major problem. Even though transparency is the result we are ultimately most interested in, traceability platforms are underutilized because they do not provide immediate utility to the user. And for the coffee growers and mill operators we were consulting, there were plenty of immediate needs that demanded addressing.

After spending time talking to producers of other specialty goods in our own backyard of Boston, MA, we realized that these needs were shared by small operators of all sorts. Inventory, production, and marketing are tough problems for anyone making a specialty product, whether they're roasting coffee, blending spices, dipping bonbons, or making the best bagels in town. Rather than focusing solely on the needs of the coffee industry, we decided to narrow the focus of our product but broaden our customer base to specialty producers of all types. In March 2018, Qtoria spun off from WEAL to pursue this vision.

We look forward to talking to you more about your vision. We want to make your story, your needs, and your frustrations our business, so you can keep working on yours. Interested in learning more? Go to this page and tell us about yourself.